I have a reputation among designers, engineers, and PMs for my structured approach, high-level user and business thinking, thorough consideration of all flows and edge cases and highly crafted UI.


Michel is a thoughtful designer and inquisitive, self-driven researcher. During his internship, he tackled the very broad challenge of answering how the mobile version of our product could better serve customers. His valuable research insights and prototypes will no doubt shape our approach to the product in the future.

His strong work ethic meant he always came prepared to every engagement with materials and questions. I can recommend Michel to anyone looking for help in analyzing a complex problem, identifying key opportunities, creating, testing and iterating on possible design solutions.

KJ Chun - Profile picture
KJ Chun

Director of product design @WeTransfer

Michel is one of the most structured, self-organizing, and methodical designers I've had the pleasure to work with. He brings enthusiasm, an immense drive for self-improvement, and dares to ask tough questions. Being this early in his career, he already possesses a great amount of reflection and knows how to connect the dots.

Michel covers the whole range of hard skills that are needed for a product designer; from conducting interviews to visual design and prototyping. Michel is a solid addition to almost any team and I can't wait to see him develop in the upcoming years.

Stijn Eversdijk - Profile picture
Stijn Eversdijk

Senior product designer @WeTransfer

Michel is eager to learn and not afraid of new challenges. He takes on various roles within teams, helps where necessary and doesn’t see problems but opportunities. Michel isn't afraid to ask tough questions and doesn't make assumptions.

He was very detailed in creating prototypes for the ANWB. Together with his team, he created well-researched animation-prototypes that we could use to communicate within the organization convincing colleagues how motion could add real value to our user experience.

Sanne Kloot - Profile picture
Sanne Kloot

UX & Design Systems Lead @ANWB


Michel is a great colleague to work with on projects. His design work is always structured and very detailed, making it easy for developers to implement the complete feature or product as intended.

His eye for detail is not only reflected in his designs, but also during the QA process. He knows how to notice the smallest deviations and is not too afraid to indicate this to developers to fix it.

Michel knows how to take technical limitations into account by consolidating developers whether his work can be realized within the budget for the (complex) feature. This ensures that you as a developer are less likely to run into problems, which is super nice.

Furthermore, he is always open to feedback, and if something is missing during development or an edge case arises, he is always ready to look for a suitable solution together.

Lars Moesman - Profile picture
Lars Moesman

iOS & Flutter engineer @YipYip

As a designer, Michel always ensured that everyone has the same vision during the development of a project, which contributed to a smooth development processes.

I really like his work because it’s really consistent and component-based, which makes it easy to implement. Besides that, Michel is often involved in requirements analysis as part of the design process, and because he has a very good understanding of technical constraints (not only in front-end, but also in back-end functionality) his designs are a great guideline for me to implement features, and also contain nearly all possible (technical) edge cases that the end user could encounter within the application.

Michel always takes suggestions from the development team in consideration in cases where features are more difficult to implement than initially estimated.

Louis Mathijssen - Profile picture
Louis Mathijssen

Back-end engineer @YipYip

Michel has the skills to oversee an entire project while also paying attention to details and covering all edge cases and rare UX scenarios comprehensively. His ability to balance his wide curiosity with a structured design approach and delivering very complete flows and components is refreshing and motivating for me as an engineer.

He shares his work frequently and seeks to improve his working methods and cooperation within his own and other disciplines.

Robin Heij - Profile picture
Robin Heij

Front-end engineer @YipYip


At YipYip, Michel was able to build, lead and guide a high-performing team of designers.

Michel understands that every great team needs a direction that energizes and engages its members, and he created a supportive context so the team was able to work effectively. He knows how to select the right mix processes that encourage creativity and positive dynamics, and he can head off a lot of problems by taking the time to get the essential pieces in place from the start. Establishing these conditions for the team paved the way for the team to develop a shared mindset and process.

Last but not least, Michel is not afraid to be critical and thrives to improve himself.

Eline Krommenhoek - Profile picture
Eline Krommenhoek

PM @YipYip

Michel is a designer who is very accurate in his work. He takes his role as overseeing lead designer very seriously and is very helpful towards his colleagues. With Michel working on your projects, you are ensured that the right questions will be asked, possible edge cases will be minimized, and the best possible quality will be secured.

With his way of communicating, it is easy for him to work with for different disciplines, and it gives him the possibility all stakeholders are informed correctly.

Casper van Kampen - Profile picture
Casper van Kampen

PM @YipYip


Michel has been helping me bring my vision to life for the Bammetje app. His ability to ask the right questions and map out difficult processes logically and comprehensively was invaluable. I've also had the pleasure of working with him at YipYip, where he consistently demonstrates a talent for structured and thoughtful work.

Michel is always engaged and invested in helping to create and ship successful products from start to finish. I highly recommend Michel as a skilled and dedicated professional.

Frank van Zwieteren - Profile picture
Frank van Zwieteren

Founder @Bammetje

Michel doesn't only make pretty things, he's also not afraid to challenge ideas and explore alternative directions. Besides that he's fast, precise and just a really nice guy to work with. Hire him before I do.

Rick Pastoor - Profile picture
Rick Pastoor

Co-founder @Rise, Author @GRIP

Michel is eager to learn and a talented designer. His personal growth while being part of the team at Awkward was one of his achievements that really showed how much he progressed.

David van Leeuwen - Profile picture
David van Leeuwen

Co-founder & Engineer @Awkward


I would describe Michel as a hardworking colleague. Always proactive to see what he can improve in his design-process, but also in his personal development. I have come to know him as a kind person who is conscious of his own role within the company and has the ability to reflect on himself and situations in a very down to earth way.

Michel is very eager to learn, but also to share his new knowledge with everyone. He always tries to involve colleagues in his search for the newest and best ways to work. With this, Michel gives a feeling of inclusiveness to the team. His enthusiasm is contagious!

In his work, I can always depend on Michel in being proactive when there is a sudden change of plans, communicative in a constructive way and always ready to help.

Furthermore Michel is an approachable colleague who seems genuinely interested in his coworkers. All in all it was a great pleasure to work with him!

Annemiek Booister - Profile picture
Annemiek Booister

HR @YipYip