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UX Research

Every design-process starts with some solid research to base design-decisions on.
Who are my users? What are their problems? Which solution will work in this specific situation?
By mastering my research-skills I can create even better products and delightful experiences that my users actually want to use.

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Interaction Design

Which type of interface is the best solution for this problem? Is there a GUI at all? How will the user interact and use the product?
Thinking out the interaction between the user and the product is the thing I love the most in the design-process, obviously I want to become a guru in this and create the most user-friendly products.

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Usability / User Testing

Testing is one of the most important tasks of a designer, if you ask me.
You made a kickass design, but does it actually fix the problem of the user?
How does the user use it in real life, do they actually understand and enjoy it?
I’d love to learn how to make that rocket surgery a lot easier.


Shortcuts.design shot

Shortcuts.design is a small open source website that lists every shortcut a designer ever wants to know in one place.
I built this tool to charge my own workflow but shortly after launch, it became the ‘product of the day’ on Producthunt and accidentally got over 65k unique visits; Shortcuts.design can speed up your workflow as well!


I’ve worked in IT management at a large pharmacy-webshop in the Netherlands. While working here, I got the opportunity to work for the designteam. I redesigned the mobile and desktop landing pages of the newsletter subscribe section and worked on the product page of our mobile site and the flow from homepage to product.

Drogisterij.net mobile productpage

GO Administratie

GO Adminstratie shot

In my spare time, I’ve worked on the complete online and offline branding of GO Administratie, a local administration office.
The work included designing and building the website and designing the business card, stationery and branding.

Casestudy coming soon.


Holo-class shot

During my pre-honours program, my team and I worked out Holo-class, a concept where the learning materials exists out of holographic material to make classes at (junior) high school less abstract and more engaging.



Wikadie is a small childminder agency. As part of design agency Maerke, I am working on redesigning Wikadie’s website.
Currently, I am working on the hierarchy of the new website and making wireframes to show the structure of the new websites as a proposal to the customer.

Project is still in active development. More details will be shared when the project is live.