What drives me?

Users notice when your product doesn’t have a good design or user experience. But when your product is actually well designed and a designer has thought and worked countless of hours on the user experience, the user will not start thinking about how good and how user friendly everything is because they actually didn’t notice the design.
Everything was frictionless.
I want to become a master in making experiences so frictionless, users don't actually notice it when I touched their product. Building (and shipping) a product is awesome, but I think the user is actually the 'most important bit' of the process.

My proudest moment in trying to make ‘frictionless experiences’ was when I launched my first real big side-project, Shortcuts.design.
Quickly, the product went viral in the design-community, something I quite frankly never expected. The website was on top at Producthunt and DesignerNews and was featured on the website or Twitter of companies like CreativeBloq, Sidebar, T3N and InVision, to name a few.
Due the attention, Shortcuts.design gathered a big group of users which made it possible for me to start making the site not only for the community but also by the community: users first.

Michel van Heest showing Shortcuts.design website at launch